At Deadline, its a fairly volatile bunch out there. We think that our HR teams criteria for recruiting talent is to pick Domain Experts with a wee bit of madness in them. The Output is great, of course, but the atmosphere - VOILA!!!

We've worked with every industry of note, and then some. And for a fairly mid sized agency, we could throw names of Fortune 500 clients ... But we let our work speak for itself :-)




Agency Head

A Chartered Accountant, it was a toss up between figures of different kinds. And he chose Advertising for its glamour. He's disappointed, but life goes on. In the past 26 years he has learnt and unlearnt the business of advertising and evolved into a Media Guru and a Strategy Counsellor. He dreams of building a powerful "full service agency filled with spirited, passionate, result-oriented firebrands. Till then, he is content with delivering desired ROI's and accelerating growth for Deadline's satisfied clientele. Go figure!



Brand Manager

She brings her own a unique brand of values to the table. A clear thinker who cuts through baloney with flourish. For starters, her loyalty is and always will remain towards the brand – NOT YOU! She refuses to kowtow to anything remotely detrimental to the brand. She out rightly dismisses any conversation dotted with "My wife/husband/maid/driver thinks…" 20 years in the industry, she has risen through the ranks and is one of the stalwarts who holds a place of pride in the organisation.



Creative Director

Pravin is the kind of a creative director who is eager to dive in and understand a product/service inside out. He consistently delivers creative ways to communicate and present ideas across all media. He has worked on international brands as well as desi start-ups with the same ease and nonchalance. Clients from diverse verticals like FMCG, retail, hospitality, education, real estate, healthcare and software have all benefitted immensely from his sprightly bunch of professionals. Also being a complete people person, especially amongst his team mates, makes him unlock the creativity of his team members ensuring they deliver their best each time – every time.


RAJA Haldankar

NCD - Art

Raja looks every bit the part of the art head at Deadline. You wouldn't be too much off the mark if you feel he'd rather be out rummaging through antique shops or fishing and cracking coconuts than concepts and designs. But watching him at the studio and you realise why he is as highly acclaimed as he is. With more brands and award-winning campaigns under his belt than many of his contemporaries combined - Raja is refreshingly well grounded; and THAT is the prime secret to his extraordinary success!